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Previously available as 'add-on' effect packages for top-line digital consoles, Yamaha's highly regarded VCM Channel Strip processors and REV-X reverb are now standard features on the 01V96VCM. These extraordinary effects are based on innovative Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology that actually models the original analog circuitry — right down to the last resistor and capacitor. VCM effects are capable of capturing subtleties that simple digital simulations cannot even approach, going beyond simple simulation and delivering the truly musical performance that makes classic analog gear invaluable even in today's digital production environment.The 01V96VCM includes the Channel Strip package with COMP276, COMP260, and EQ601 effects that bring vintage analog compression and EQ to life in the digital domain. It also includes the same REV-X algorithm that is behind the unmatched performance of Yamaha's stand-alone SPX2000 signal processor, delivering the most natural reverb and ambience available anywhere.Channel StripVCM logoThis compressor and EQ effects faithfully captures the unique saturation effect of analog circuitry. Includes five models that employ VCM technology to recreate the sound and characteristics of classic compression and EQ units from the 70's. Fine-tuned by leading engineers, and featuring carefully selected parameters in a simple interface.Compressor 276 (mono) / Compressor 276S (Stereo)Compressor 276(S)Recreate the fast response, frequency characteristics, and tube-amp saturation of the most in-demand analog compressors for studio use.Compressor 260 (mono) / Compressor 260S (Stereo)Compressor260(S)Features faithful modeling of the solid-state VCA and RMS detection circuitry of the late 70's for live sound reinforcement applications.Equalizer 601Channel StripDelivers the unique characteristics of 70's analog EQ circuitry, featuring graphical editing capability on both the console and PC displays.ReverbREV-X logoThese reverb effects employ the latest 'REV-X' algorithms first introduced in Yamaha's SPX2000 Professional Multi Effect Processor. The REV-X programs feature the richest reverberation and smoothest decay available, based on years of dedicated research and development.Channel StripREV-X Hall, REV-X Room, and REV-X Plate programs are provided, with new parameters such as room size and decay envelopes that offer unprecedented definition and finer nuance control.The REV-X Hall and REV-X Room programs have a very open sound, while REV-X Plate delivers a brighter tonality that is ideal for vocals.All models deliver dense, warm reverb that does not interfere with the natural timbre of the source.

DownloadYamaha 01v96 Software Download Mac

Yamaha 01v96 Download

View and Download Yamaha 01V96 installation manual online. Studio Manager Installation Guide. 01V96 music mixer pdf manual download. Also for: 02r96, Dm1000, Dm2000. Studio manager v2 host v2.3.5-2 for mac macos 10.14-os x 10.7; studio manager v2 host v2.3.5-2 for mac macos 10.14-os x 10.7. And yamaha corporation ('yamaha'). By downloading or installing this software or otherwise rendering it available for your use, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. If you do not agree with the.