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TaxTron Individual License for Macintosh


Completely FREE To start for the current tax year! You can prepare up to 20 returns using the software but you may need to purchase a license to print and/or file your return depending on your situation.

The installer allows installing Nmap, Zenmap, Ncat, and Ndiff. The programs have been tested on Intel computers running Mac OS X 10.8 and later. See the Mac OS X Nmap install page for more details. Users of PowerPC (PPC) Mac machines, which Apple ceased selling in 2006, should see this page instead for support information. Compatible with Mac, Windows, using any web enabled device: Compatible with Mac, Windows, using any web enabled device Store and access your tax return online for 9 years: Store and access your tax return online for 9 years UFile PREMIUM available, including Priority Telephone, Chat and Email Support: UFile PREMIUM available, including. If you would like to contribute screenshots for UFile 2015: click here. Note: Screenshots shown in the Compatibility Center are often representative of compatibility on both Mac and Linux platforms.

Our 2019 tax preparation software does not require a license for returns under $31,000 total income (including seniors) or full-time students (4 months or more duration as indicated on your T2202A form).

  1. Mac users can file through UFile's online software, starting at $15.95 a return, plus another $10 for your spouse. Deadlines for Netfile Service is open as of Feb.
  2. 2015 UFile Pricing. Single person (includes any dependants) $19.99. UFile for Mac (includes a voucher valid for returns for a couple and dependants).

TaxTron Individual License for Macintosh allows you to prepare and file one return with a total income of $31,000 or more and 19 other returns with a total income of under $31,000 each.

Previous years’ software requires a license to print and/or file any return.

Electronic filing: is only supported for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 tax years for Canada Revenue and 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 tax years for Revenue Quebec. For all other years you will be able to prepare and print the tax returns for paper submission.

System Requirements:

  • TaxTron 2019 requires Mac OS 10.9 or higher. This product will NOT work on OS 10.8 or lower
  • TaxTron 2017 and 2018 requires Mac OS 10.9 to Mac OS 10.14. This product will NOT work on OS 10.8 or lower
  • TaxTron 2011 to 2016 requires Mac OS 10.7 to Mac OS 10.12

Need more than one return over $31,000? Check our product list for theFamily Pack!

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TaxTron Features and Benefits

No Multi-Tier Software

TaxTron’s software package contains virtually all the forms you will possibly need, in order to file your personal tax return. No additional or hidden fees! Have peace of mind - whether you have investments or just filing a T4 - you will be charged the same low price, every time.


Ufile For Windows

TaxTron is competitively priced against our competitors and many returns can actually be filed for free. TaxTron is free for individuals filing a T1 or TP1 return with incomes under $31,000 as well as students with 4 months or more on their T2202 forms.

Easy to Use Yet Powerful

TaxTron has built-in guides right in our software - so, a complete novice will be able to fill out their taxes quickly just like a pro! If you’re a professional, TaxTron’s Form Mode allows you to dive straight into the tax forms directly, helping you prepare tax returns in as little as 10 minutes or less.

Go Modern

Ufile Software

TaxTron’s software is built with the future in mind. You can Netfile your personal tax return with Canada Revenue and Revenue Quebec straight from our software. You can also print your tax return for your own records or submit it to the government via mail.


TaxTron has been helping Canadians prepare their own tax returns for over 20 years. TaxTron was the first available tax software for Macintosh computers, and one of the first to support electronic filing of returns - making us your best choice in Canadian tax software!

Not Your First Time?

TaxTron can roll information forward from last year’s return if you prepared your return last year using TaxTron, saving you time and effort in getting this year’s taxes done. Whether it’s your tuition amount, RRSP limits, or something as simple as name and address, TaxTron will copy that information over so you will minimize potential errors.

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