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2 days ago  Best smart home devices Guide to smart living News Tour our smart apartment Tour our smart house. It offers Mac VPN users. MSmart-VPN is a free VPN client on MacOS for DrayTek's customers. The Smart-VPN supports various SSL protocols, multiple profiles, and dial on demand. You need a DrayTek Vigor router that supports the SSL VPN feature, such as Vigor2830v2 series, Vigor2860 series, Vigor2925 series, Vigor2960 series, or Vigor3900 series.

Download the Getflix app for Mac! This app allows you to quickly add/remove our DNS servers on your Mac, keep your IP up-to-date and change regions.

If you download and install the Getflix app for Mac, there is no need to complete the steps below.

Configure DNS

The DNS settings listed on the Overview page can be input directly into your router, for your entire network. You won’t need to change the DNS settings on your Mac if you have already done so on your router.

1Open the Network Settings

From the Apple menu, select “System Preferences”, the window shown below should appear. Then click on the “Network” icon.

2Select the Network Connection

Smart vpn download for mac chinaSmart

Select your Network Connection. Choose “Wi-Fi” if you use wireless or “Ethernet” if you use a cable. Your current connection will have a green dot shown next to it. Click the “Advanced” button.

3Add the DNS Servers

Smart Vpn Download For Mac Computer

Select the DNS tab and click the “+” button then enter the 2 DNS addresses as shown on the Overview page. Use the “-” to remove the existing entries. Click “OK” when complete.

Get Download Vpn For Mac

Thats it! You should now be able to access (and sign up for) Netflix and Hulu.