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Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue have taken the Game Boy by full freaking storm! And now Pokemon Stadium is bringing 40 Poke-monsters to the Nintendo 64 in a sort of Mario-Party-meets-Super-Smash-Bros. Up to four players will pit teams of Pokemon creatures against each other in turn-based battles and several mini-games. CoolROM.com's game information and ROM download page for Pokemon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64).

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Pokemon Stadium 2 is a strategy video game developed by Nintendo to be played on Nintendo 64. This game was released in 2000 and features all the Pokemon from the two generations, allowing you to capture them and train them. Similar to the previous games, you can use the Pokemon trained in original Game Boy Pokemon games – Pokemon Red, Green, & Blue, and Game Color Pokemon games – Pokemon Gold, Silver, & Crystal in Pokemon Stadium 2.

This game doesn’t have a storyline and you progress in the game by playing matches and winning them in the Stadium. The Stadium is set in a new town known as White City and is home to the championships like Poke Cup, Prime Cup, Little Cup, and Challenge Cup. Each of these modes have their own rules and regulations and you need to win all these Cups to proceed to the next level. Apart from winning the different modes, you also need to complete the Gym Leader Castle and collect Gym badges by defeating the eight League Gym trainers. Once you do that, you will have to battle the rival and then you go to round 2.

There is also a Mini-Game park area where you can indulge in 12 Pokemon-themed mini-games and only 4 players can play at a time.

Since Pokemon Stadium 2 is a Nintendo 64 game, you will need Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator to run the rom for this Pokemon game. You have lots of options in N64 emulators for different devices and platforms. If you have a Windows system, then you can download N64 emulators such as Project 64, Mupen64, 1964, and so on. If you have a Mac system, then you can install N64 emulators like SixtyForce 1.0, Mupen64Plus 1.99, etc.

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