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Edit PDF Text on Mac. After the file is open, click the 'Text' button in the toolbar to enable editing mode. If your PDF file is a scanned file or image-based file, you'll need to perform OCR before editing it.

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When using PDF files, you might find it is difficult to modify or copy the text contents to make PDF editable. It could be that you have scanned some documents and would like to copy certain graphics from the PDF files or insert annotations. In this case, you should get a good PDF Editor to change your scanned PDF file to editable format. In this article, I will teach you how to make an editable PDF easily.

Part 1. How to Make PDF Editable on Mac (Sierra Compatible)

PDFelement Pro - The Best Tool to Make Existing PDF Editable

PDFelement Pro is a professional tool can help you to change a scanned PDF file to editable document. It was designed especially for users to convert and edit scanned PDF document using its OCR functionality. You will find that this technique is helpful for any scanned image, whether it's in hand-written or the conventional print form. (And PDFelement Pro is also available).

Why Choose This PDF Editor:

  • Directly edit existing PDF files with powerful PDF editing tools.
  • Easily fill out and edit PDF forms.
  • Edit scanned PDF with OCR feature.
  • Create fillable PDF forms and editale PDF files.
  • Markup, annotate and comment PDF files.
  • Secure PDF with password and watermarks.
  • Convert PDF to other editable formats.

Step 1. Import PDF Files to the Program

First launch the program and import the target PDF files. To do this, you can click the 'Open File' button to browse your local folder and select the file you need.

Step 2. Edit PDF File Directly

On the top toolbar, you can click on the 'Edit' menu, and then double click on the any texts in the PDF to edit or delete the texts. You can also add texts, etract texts, copy and paste texts in PDF.

Step 3. Mark PDF Form Fillable

This PDF editor allows you to fill out PDF form directly, both the interactive and non-interactive. You can simply go to the 'Form' menu and click on the form field to edit it.

Step 4. Convert PDF to Editable File

To convert the PDF file, you can click on the 'Convert Menu' and select your desired output format. It is easy and can well keep the file formatting.

Part 2. How to Make PDF Editable on Windows (Windows 10 Compatible)

Step 1. Import Your PDF Files

First download and install the PDFelement Pro. After running this program on your Windows computer, you then need to launch it. To add your PDF to the program, click the 'Open File' button to select it from your local folder. When the PDF is loaded, go to the 'Home' tab and access the conversion options.

Step 2. Directly Edit PDF File

On the top toolbar, click the 'Edit' menu, and click the 'Edit' button, you can edit, insert, delete or replace the texts. You can also markup and annotate the PDF file.

Step 3. Convert PDF to Editable Format

In the 'Home' tab, choose an ideal format and customize the page range and destination folder in the pop-up windows. To convert scanned PDF files, you need to activate the OCR function by ticking the 'Enable OCR' option. Finally, click the 'Convert' button to start the conversion.

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Mark up PDFs

Use the markup toolbar in Preview to add text and comments, sign documents, highlight text, and more. To show the markup toolbar, click the Show Markup Toolbar button at the top of the window, or choose View > Show Markup Toolbar.

Add text

In most PDFs, you can simply click a text field, then type to enter text in the field.


If you can't add text to a field, use a text box instead:

  • Click the Text button in the markup toolbar, or choose Tools > Annotate > Text.
  • To show font, size, and color options for text in a text box, click the Text Style button in the markup toolbar.
  • To move the text box, just drag it.

Highlight text

To turn highlight mode on or off, click the Highlight button in the toolbar. When highlight mode is on, highlights appear when you select text.

  • To change the highlight color or switch to strikethrough or underline, click next to the Hightlight button , then choose an option.
  • To remove a highlight, Control-click the text, then choose Remove Highlight.

Add notes

To add a note, click the Note button in the markup toolbar, or choose Tools > Annotate > Note.

  • To close the note, click outside the note box. You can move notes anywhere on the document.
  • To open a note, click the note box.
  • To see all notes and highlights, choose View > Highlights and Notes.

Add your signature

Editable Pdf Free

  1. Click the Sign button in the markup toolbar, or choose Tools > Annotate > Signature.
  2. Click Create Signature, then choose whether to use your trackpad, built-in camera, or iOS device to create a signature:
    • Click Trackpad, then use your trackpad to sign your name with your finger. If you have a Force Touch trackpad, you can press harder on the trackpad to sign with a darker line. After you sign your name, press any key on the keyboard.
    • Click Camera, then sign your name on white paper and hold it up to the camera. Your Mac will automatically scan the signature and show it in the Camera window.
    • Click iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch), then sign your name on your device's screen when prompted. Learn more about using iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to sketch in or mark up documents.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Choose your signature to add it to the document. You can move and resize it anywhere on the document.

Make Pdf Fillable Mac

Edit images

  • Crop: Drag to select the crop area, then choose Tools > Crop.
  • Rotate: Choose Tools > Rotate Left or Rotate Right.
  • Adjust color: Choose Tools > Adjust Color, then drag a slider to make an adjustment.
  • Adjust size: Choose Tools > Adjust Size, enter the desired dimensions, then click OK.
  • Get quick access to edit controls: Click the Show Markup Toolbar button at the top of the window.

Make Pdf Fillable On Mac

Share and export

Free Pdf Editable Program

  • To share your file, click the Share button , or choose File > Share. Then choose an option.
  • To save your document or image in a different format, choose File > Export, choose a format, then click Save.

Make Pdf Editable In Word

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