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The environment details of Kony Studio is stored in eclipse.ini file. To configure environment details in Kony Studio IDE, include MBaaS and OAuth URL in eclipse.ini file. The eclipse.ini file is located in the installation folder of Kony Studio. For example, C: Program Files Kony KonyStudio.

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Important: You currently need an iPhone or iPad with Face ID support to use VTube Studio. An Android version is also available, but the tracking quality is limited (for example no eye-tracking or winking).

Use your iPhone to become a Live2D Virtual YouTuber and create videos/livestreams directly on your iPhone or from your PC or Mac using software like OBS.
Changelog: https://denchisoft.github.io/docs/changelog

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  • More information here: https://denchisoft.github.io/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/VTubeStudio
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/j6JUarA
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Tags2D, animation, face-tracking, live2d, virtual-youtuber, vtuber, vtube-studio

Install instructions

Usage instructions: https://denchisoft.github.io/


Kony Studio Download For Mac Computer

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Kony Studio Download For Mac Free

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Question! will I still able to use vtube studio with an iphone but without a mac for streaming?

You can use the app with just your iPhone or in combination with a PC/Mac.

To put the model on the iPhone, you do need a PC/Mac though.

Is record via webcam gonna be available in the future?


Only the ones that have FaceID and the iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE 2020 does not have FaceID, right? Does it still work as well as for models WITH FaceID? :3

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Oooo it looks cool i think ill download it i just need a tutorial^^

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