Fnaf Custom Night Download Mac

Fnaf ultimate custom night free download mac

Five Nights with Mac Tonight is a fan-made game, which is published for FreeDownload here on our website. This game features only one animatronic robot and inspired by the FNAF franchise.

Are you a McDonald’s or FNAF fan? If you are a fan of both things, then Five Nights with Mac Tonight will be a perfect game for you. This game, like the JOLLY series, will let you survive in a fast-food restaurant, where you will need to survive against the franchised animatronic character that made that restaurant famous.

Fnaf Ultimate Custom Night Download Mac

In this game, you will need to survive in a McDonald’s restaurant, where they use an animatronic robot called Mac Tonight. If you have older than 30 years old, you will know who Mac Tonight is, he is a character that has a moon-shaped face, featuring McDonald’s from the mid-80s to mid-90s.

As the morning staff of the restaurant realized that the animatronic character is not in place every morning, you will be hired as a nightguard to watch whether there is anyone who moves them at night.

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Fnaf custom night for Mac I like fnaf and its the only one that I can play for free. Make it for Max pls Showing. Jun 22 @ 12:32pm you can try download Porting Kit program which allows to play windows games on Mac and download UCN from Game Jolt. It works on my mac #2. Jul 12 @ 1:36am there's a mobile edition #3.

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Each night, the animatronic character will show different behaviors and requires you to survive differently. Try Five Nights with Mac Tonight out now by freedownload it here!