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  • Angry Red Guy v.1.0Angry Red Guy 1.0 is considered as a great and coolscreensaver that allows you to customize your desktop with a funny red guy.This little guy is okay for a while until his paper airplane takes a wrong turn, and frustration and anger take ...
  • Dots and Circles v.1.0Dots and Circles 1.0 is considered as a great and coolscreensaver, an ideal way to customize your desktop.Various sizes and shades of orange and yellow circles on an orange background create a warm and contemporary ...
  • Water Color Clock Screensaver v.1.1Water Color Clock Screensaver 1.1 has come as a very cool screen-saver for everyone. Imagine you take rich water colors and give reins to your passions! Brushes feel freedom in your hands and joyful blots appear on a sheet together with the magical ...
  • UFOz Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.1.1A space screensaver, complete with stars, planets, and our reclusive friends from other worlds. The Free version includes a big headed 'sGreen', flying around in his sport saucer, demanding that you take him to your leader. If you register you get ...
  • Cool Toolbar Icons v.2011.1The CoolToolbar Icons package was designed to give software and Web projects that professional look they deserve. With different formats, states and resolutions available, the icons can be used in a wide variety of different scenarios.
  • Alchemy 3D Screensaver for Mac OS X v.1.0.5Launch Alchemy 3D Screensaver and transfer yourself to the world of alchemy and dark magic. Mix mysterious ingredients in your magic bowl, cast the spells and try to revive the fog demon.
  • 3D Canyon Flight Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.1Fly through photo-realistic three-dimensional canyon full of living pterosaurs. Special effects like sun flares, fog, shadows and true spatial sounds highly improves the realism and animation quality. Launch this screensaver, watch amazing animated ...
  • Saturn 3D Space Survey Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.0Install this screensaver and transform your workplace to the virtual spacecraft. Observe the beautiful Saturn features along with spectacular ring system directly on your desktop. Enjoy the animated space scenes and relaxing sounds. Feel the peace ...
  • Mercury 3D Space Survey Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.0Take a tour to the beautiful Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun and the eighth largest. Launch this screensaver and be impressed by the realistic colorfulspace scenes. Relax, watching the spectacular Mercury views accompanied by mysterious ...
  • The Weather Channel Mac Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.0Featuring current weather conditions for your area, The Weather Channel Screensaver turns yourA Mac into an inspiring slideshow of weather images and nature landscapes displayed in action using the Ken Burns effect.A Download this free screensaver ...
  • The Red Baron Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.0This 3D OpenGL screensaver allows you to experience the joy of flight, as you follow the Red Baron in his Fokker DR-1 triplane. Choose from a number of different camera angles.
  • Live updated Earth screensaver for Mac OS v.1.4A small rotating moon will fly around the Earth at night, and a sun will fly around during the day. - Much more customizable! Go to System Preferences, click on “Desktop and Screen Saver”, select “Earth Screensaver” and ...
  • Crepuscular Life Screensaver for Mac OS v.2.0A free, interactive OpenGL screensaver which runs Conways Game of Life at full display resolution.Features:- Keeps the board in motion by regularly spawning spaceships- User can change the game speed & cell count while saver runs- Preserves the ...
  • Halo Screensaver for Mac OS v.0.1High quality images of Halo for your Screensaver! - New Download Server ...
  • Pyramids of Egypt 3D Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.0.2Take a virtual tour of the Giza plateau and see the Pyramids of Egypt, and the Sphinx, with this relaxing and serene 3D screensaver.Features:- 3D Recreation of the Giza Plateau in Egypt! Includes the Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Khufu), Pyramid of ...
  • Xmas Tree Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.1O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! This screensaver will decorate your desktop with a very realistic 3D Xmas Tree decorated with beautiful textured ornaments. Celebrate this Xmas season with a very relaxing Xmas screensaver that the whole family ...
  • To Do List Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.0A useful and unique ToDo List manager and works in the form of a screensaver for Macintosh. Its a tool that gently reminds you of your various tasks. Input your tasks and settings and simply walk away from your computer for a few minutes, and youll ...
  • SeaStorm 3D Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.21Watch a true sea storm on your desktop with SeaStorm 3D Screensaver. This screensaver shows you off a stormy ocean surface with swirls over it, complete with sunset sky and lightnings. Launch it and be surprised by the stunning video effects and ...
  • Cemetery Screensaver for Mac OS v.2.1Beware; they rise from the grave looking for their next victims! Based on our original Cemetery screensaver, version 2.0 has been completely rewritten to take advantage of Apple’s Quartz Composer technology. The spirits move about in 3D space, ...
  • Autumn Screensaver for Mac OS v.1.0The sunset hues of autumn leaves are perfect for inspiring a moment of reflection. This screensaver plays on that theme, displaying leaves falling against a gorgeous desktop autumn photo.For anyone inspired by fall landscapes, this could make an ...
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  • Alive Wire RSS Screensaver Alive Wire RSS Screensaver will display rss news feed
  • UFOz Screensaver for Mac OS A space screensaver , complete with stars, planets, and our
  • Alchemy 3D Screensaver for Mac OS X Launch Alchemy 3 D Screensaver and transfer yourself to
  • Future City 3D Screensaver for Mac OS X Now you have a chance to take a close look to our tomorrow.
  • Mercury 3D Space Survey Screensaver for Mac Take a tour to the beautiful Mercury, the closest planet to
  • The Weather Channel Mac Screensaver for Mac Featuring current weather conditions for your area, The
  • Jupiter 3D Space Survey Screensaver for Mac Launch Jupiter 3D Space Survey Screensaver and transfer
  • The Red Baron Screensaver for Mac OS This 3D OpenGL screensaver allows you to experience the
  • Great Pyramids 3D Screensaver for OS X The Great Pyramids of Egypt are the most substantial ancient
  • SciFi City 3D Screensaver for Mac OS X Now you have a chance to take a close look to our tomorrow.
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Screensaver Creation Software is great screensaver enhancing tools which don’t just provide vibrant and exciting screensavers. The software has amazing specifications would really bring out your enterprise which can contain within businesses logos bouncing on the screen or for home purposes with holiday photos implemented using fade-in or fade-out effects. All of the below software provided offer various specialties that can be used to their full potential for unique and original screensavers. They can be distributed and your ideas can thus become more profound among audiences.


Blu Mentals Screen Saver

Download Screensavers For Mac

This software has a very user friendly interface and creates stunning screensavers in just a matter of minutes. The software has the ability to make screensavers from images, video and flash animation, add background music and smooth sprites and transition effects. This software is compatible with Windows XP & higher. One can add clock and calenders and text labels to the screensavers as well.

Easy Screen Saver Station

The software doesn’t require the user to be adept in programming, and is very easy to activate. This is a great screensaver management utility and one can make screensavers from images, flash movies and audio files(mp3, wma, midi, wav). The installation wizard provides step by step instructions as to how the screensavers are to be made.

Axialis Screen Saver

This screensaver creator works on Windows OS. It makes use of sprites-animated animated objects moving on screen, within a couple of minutes. The software provides amazing transition effects where objects revert and bounce on the screen borders or collide with each other. Several utilities can be implemented like background music, flash animations which are fully compatible with SWF movies. Authors can create their own versions of the screensavers and sell them or put them up for trials. The software offers locking mechanisms that can help you distribute parts only which you intend to. Thus, you can put these up on trial and your customers can unlock the rest of it after paying for it.

Ultra Screen Saver Maker for Windows

The software can implement music files, images, flash animations, websites & texts in various fonts and text sizes. One just has to collect the files they intend to use, preview the outcome and add these to the screensaver by point and click interface. The interface is highly user compatible with step to step procedural information as to how to proceed. The software is ideal for home users and business related purposes suitably and runs on Windows OS 7 & higher.

Screen saver Creation Software for Different Platforms

Download cool screensavers for macbook pro

iScreensaver is a software that runs on both Macintosh and Windows. The software can combine images, music files and flash animations to create different kinds of screensavers. Professional Adobe Flash files (SWF) can be created via the software in minutes.

Instant Storm

The software is incredibly easy to use and the help wizard contains step by step instructions to enhance its user friendliness. The software supports flash player 15 and is a customizable screensaver installer. One can preview their layout before screensaver creation and add effects to it. It supports external files like SWF, AS, TXT, XML and can create standalone SCR files also. One can distribute their creative ideas of these screensavers and use them commercially.

Most Popular Screen saver Creation Software-Acme Photo Screen Saver Maker

This screensaver software is deemed as the most popular software among its audience due its easy usability. Creation of professional looking screensavers is possible in minutes. The transition & headline effects are easy to implement and this is a royalty free software. One doesn’t need to have programming skills to create screensavers via the software. It supports photo formats including Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PCX, TGA, PNG & TIFF and music formats Mp3, WMA, WVA and MIDI. You can also see PSD File Viewer

What is Screen Saver Creation Software?

Free Screensaver For Mac Computer

Screensaver Creation Software helps web authors to create and pitch their ideas for amazing screensavers that can be used commercially or for households. These can be distributed freely and support various formats that would truly make your screensaver stand out. Professional screensavers can be created in a matter of minutes with the use of the software. You can also see Video Processing Software

Cool Mac Screensaver

Use Screensaver creation software to create screensavers that are unique with utmost ease. They are user-friendly and can be used by non-programmers as well. Redistributing the screensavers after creation is also very simple and is a great asset for commercial businesses.

Free Cool Screensavers Download

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