Command Workstation 4 Mac Download

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Fiery® Command WorkStation® 5 is the heart and soul of a fully automated print solution system. It enables your print operators to go faster than ever. Known for its intuitive design and built to the highest industry standards, CWS5 gives your business a head start on professional printing.

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Command WorkStation includes the Fiery Updates feature for installing updates and patches for Fiery system software and Fiery API. This allows system software updates to be installed from either the Fiery server or remote computers. This also allows updates and patches to be installed without requiring the Fiery server to be connected to the Internet.

To access Fiery Updates, start Command WorkStation.

The computer running Command WorkStation must:

  • Be connected to the Internet
  • Be on the same network as the Fiery server

Updates and patches can be installed onto the Fiery server from only one computer at a time. System Updates must be disabled to allow patches to be installed.

Command workstation 4 mac download version

Command Workstation 4 Download

Efi Command Workstation 5.8 Download

  • Update Fiery system software through Command WorkStation